McDuff's Bar & Grille

Address: 105 E. Superior. Wayland, MI
Phone: 269-792-2257
Hours: Mon-Sat 10a to 2a
Sun 12p to 2a

1 comment:

  1. A bar & grille in a small town but the feeling of being at home is huge. I love the service here. Keep in mind with a small town there's not a lot of competition and it's easy to find bartenders and servers don't feel the need to "wow" ya. Not here. By the second time I stopped in, the bartenders called me by name. Not because I made a scene, but because they asked...AND remembered. In addition to exceptional service, the food is wonderful. I highly recommend stopping in for one of their delicious pizzas. If ya stop by please tell the staff; Brittany, Buck, Billie, Candice, Deb (owner), River & Zack, that Brian says hi. Eat, drink & be merry my friends!


Thank you! Cheers.